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New Release of Conversations with Book Signing at Fire and Rain Conference

Raelynn Parkin is excited to release her latest book, "Conversations Bride Songs and Psalms to the King," at the Fire and Rain 2015 Conference, where she will have a special book signing at the Bride Song Resource table. She will also be featured as a worship leader for two separate worship harp and bowl style sessions, as well as sing the Bride Songs. Come join her and soak in the intimate worship of the Bride and expect a personal encounter with King Jesus!

New Release of The Heavenly Worship Room

We are eagerly anticipating the new release of Raelynn Parkin's book, "The Heavenly Worship Room," in paperback, hardcover, kindle version, and audio book. The revelation is timely and for right now, unveiling the Heavenly pattern on earth. In Raelynn's previous book release, Unlocking Worship Entering His Presence, she details the teachings and foundational precepts that are fully revealed in The Heavenly Worship Room. Raelynn will guide you through three tabernacles, the Mosaic Tabernacle, the Davidic Tabernacle and the full revelation of Jesus Christ who tabernacles with us, as well as unfold the feasts fulfilled through Jesus, and specifically the Feast of Tabernacles. We will have a special celebration service, March 14th at our monthly Worship night with a special book signing and fellowship following the service.

New Release of Unlocking Worship Entering His Presence


Raelynn Parkin is releasing her newest book, "Unlocking Worship Entering His Presence," which is an updated version of her original book, "Lessons from One Worship Leader to Another, originally self published in April 2007. Through her later teachings on the content of her book, Raelynn gained significant revelation which she wanted to include in her latest project. This book contains the unveiling of the Heavenly Pattern of worship manifested in the earth, as well as teaches the worshipping priesthood how to carry the Glory as in days of old. Her vision is to see the Glory fully manifested in the Church today, using this Key of Worship to unlock this greater dimension, on earth as it is in Heaven! She will be releasing her book in paperback, hard cover, kindle version and audiobook formats. We will feature her new release and her Book Signing at our next Monthly Worship Night, August 9th. Come join us for the celebration!

Upcoming Arise My Church Arise Houston Summer Church Tour 2011

We are gearing up for an incredible summer church tour called the "Arise My Church Arise" Houston Summer Church Tour 2011.  We had an incredible Bride Songs Release Celebration Service on January 29, 2011 hosted At River of Praise Church in Tomball.  We are finally releasing the live celebration CD, called, "The Lord's Bridal Company, Vol. 2, featuring 10 incredible songs from the Bride Songs Celebration Service.


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