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Book Conversations Bride Songs and Psalms to the King - Bride Songs and Poetry from 20 years of Conversations with the Lord

Conversations is a compilation of 20 years of Raelynn's intimate worship with King Jesus! Bride Songs and Psalms are a great resource for the worshipper in stirring the heart of the Bride for the King!

Book The Heavenly Worship Room - A Revelation of the Holy of Holies

A revelation given to Raelynn about entering the Holy of Holies, a now word for the American Church and a sign for the Jewish nation.

Book Unlocking Worship Entering His Presence - Raelynn's book on the blueprint of worship in the Church today

A now revelatory word on worship and how the Glory of the Latter House shall be manifested in the American Church today! A must read for all worshippers, worship musicians, singers and worship leaders as well as other leaders in ministry.

CD Arise My Church Arise Worship - Live Recorded CD from the Arise My Church Arise Houston Worship Tour

A beautiful spontaneous prophetic worship service recorded live with all of the amazing studio musicians from the Bride Songs Studio projects. Featuring Raelynn Parkin on grand piano and lead vocals with special guests  Max Dyer on cello, Robert Steele on trumpet, Guy Ben Murphrey on keyboards and vocals, Rory Davis on sax, Jean McNemar on flute, Joel White on bass, Stuart Legge on drums, Shara De Leon on vocals, Zachary Parkin on upright bass, Michael Parkin on viola. Emceed by Paul Parkin with Chancellor Purvis on cameras and Ryan Addudell on sound. Final production with Guy Ben Murphrey of Kena Naya Productions.

CD Bride Songs A Lady and Her King Worship - Intimate Love Songs to the King Jesus!

Beautiful intimate worship songs birthed in Raelynn Parkin' s intimate conversations with the Lord.

CD Out of the Secret Place Worship - Throne Room Worship songs from Raelynn Parkin

Beautiful compilation of Raelynn's personal Throne Room Worship accompanied with flute, trumpet, and other instruments with Raelynn's grand piano.

CD Resurrection Worship - Original Music by Raelynn Parkin for Easter

Original worship music written by Raelynn Parkin to accompany husband Paul's original children's Easter Play, "Jimmy's Egg." Powerful and anointed.

CD The Lord's Bridal Company Volume 2 live worship - Live recorded CD of prophetic worship

This live recorded worship CD features all of the studio musicians that brought the Bride Songs to life, now in a spontaneous prophetic orchestration accompanying Raelynn Parkin on grand piano and lead vocals. Joining her are special guests Max Dyer on cello, Don Pope on flutes and sax, Guy Ben Murphrey on keyboards and penny whistle, Robert Steele on trumpets, Talitha Taft on keyboards and piano, Joel White on bass, Stuart Legge on drums, Shara De Leon on vocals, Zachary Parkin on upright bass and Michael Parkin on viola. Beautiful moments of intimate worship and incredible synergy in the instruments, as in a Dance!

Teaching Unlocking Worship CD series - Teaching Series with 8 sessions based on the book Unlocking Worship

This 8 session teaching series perfectly compliments the Unlocking Worship book and is great for worship ministries, worshippers and musicians and singers who want to delve deeper in their worship experience. Can be taught to a group or individual study.